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Selection by Eurofirms is a specialized selection company where we look for the fit of candidates and companies seeking the well-being of people. We belong to the Eurofirms Group, the first national people management company.


Selection by Eurofirms works with Aliaxis to offer you the job opportunity you are looking for. In a rapidly evolving world, in a context of increasing population and climate change, water is essential. In Aliaxis they understand that it is one of the most valuable resources of our planet and as a global leader that connects people with water and energy, invites you to accept the challenge and contribute to the construction of a better future.

For more information you can access the Aliaxis website:

From Selection by Eurofirms we are selected an Employee Experience Expert for ALIAXIS in Alicante or Madrid, who will have the following responsibilities:

-Developing the internal communications plan and ensuring it is consistently followed and delivered:

  • Writing content for internal communications
  • Distributing email and sms communications to colleagues
  • Managing the information shared via communications screens
  • Monitoring and updating the content on notice boards
  • Updating, editing and controlling the company SharePoint environment (intranet)
  • Organising and facilitating both digital and physical conferences, seminars and workshops

-Support the design of the Aliaxis Employee experience, collaborating on the definition of the employee personas and their journeys, depending on their different roles.

-Connect business activity with internal teams to get involved into the organization impact on the community and sector.

-Engaging in discussions with teams, working groups, forums and individual colleagues to gather feedback and insight

-Managing projects relating to internal communications.

You must provide a minimum of five years of experience in corporate communication, branding or customer/employee experience, preferably in a multinational company.

Previous experience with the Microsoft environment and digital tools that help improve the communication experience are necessary.

Valuable experience in the management of complex projects.We are looking for a person with high attention to detail, good communication skills and eager to learn and grow professionally.

High level of English is essential.

Availability to travel occasionally nationally and internationally.

You will join a management function in the Marketing area, reporting to the Brand and Digital Manager.It is an important company with a national and international presence, with interesting conditions.