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At Claire Joster IT we are specialists in the selection of technological profiles, with a fundamental added value: the recruitment of talent based on the values and cultural fit of our clients and candidates.


The company is one of the biggest health, nutrition and wellness companies of the world. They innovate every day through forward-looking technologies to create opportunities for digital challenges with our consumers, customers and at the workplace.


We are looking for a Data Integration Solution Architect, that will oversee the support of EA activities within the product groups and platforms and ensures a fit within the overall Enterprise Architecture as well as with the product group strategy.

What you’ll do

  • You will be in charge of the architecture for a broader scope of products / platforms, working closely with application architects that manage and design architecture for a single product or product group.
  • You will synthetize the different tech landscapes across our markets : global versus local solutions, short term ones versus strategic choices, tech platforms versus last-mile assembly etc.
  • You will supervise the integration of solutions within the product / product group / platform and implements the integration strategy for cross-product group purposes.
  • Oversees the implementation and integration of technical architecture across a product group based on enterprise business strategy, business capabilities and business requirements
  • Ensure that the current-state solution portfolio is monitored to identify deficiencies through aging of the technologies used by the application, or misalignment with business requirements
  • You will be responsible for the definition and documentation of guidelines, standards and solution architecture to ensure product-based decisions are aligned with the enterprise’s future-state architecture vision.


Who you are

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably computer science or field related to the product
  • Demonstrated experience as a Solution Architect in integration context.
  • 5+ years of experience with CDC, ETL, SAP data integration landscape and Cloud based data integration.
  • Strong Understanding of agile methods and processes, and capability of supporting agile project teams by providing advice and guidance on opportunities, impact and risks, taking account of technical and architectural debt.
  • Experiences working in a global environment and with virtual teams


Our offer to you

  • An attractive and dynamic international working environment with the most talented and engaged IT professionals in their field and working with best-in class technologies.
  • Personal and professional growth through ongoing training and constant career opportunities reflecting our conviction that people are our most important asset.
  • Great benefits including competitive salary and a comprehensive social benefits package.
  • Hybrid working environment with flexible working scheme, allowing everyone to meet their needs enjoying the advantages of remote work and combining with the amazing facilities (dog friendly!) and culture.

We are excited to getting to know you!