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Presentación Selection by Eurofirms is a specialised recruitment company where we seek to match candidates and companies in order to ensure the well-being of people. We belong to the Eurofirms Group, the first national company in people management.


Our client, a chemical company is looking for a Logistics Administrative Assistant to work on exciting and challenging topics in a fast-growing company together with a team in an ultra-modern, innovative, and creative environment. Intensive on-the-job training with a professional team guarantees you will quickly be familiar with your responsibilities and perform them independently.


  • Booking request: ask for quotations to freight forwarders and coordinate the shipments.
  • Daily contact with forwarders: daily meeting with freight forwarders in order to be updated about any delay/issue.
  • Daily contact with Customer Service: daily meeting with the Customer Service department in order to alert of any delay/product that could cause consequences in the delivery to the customer.
  • Updating of follow-up sheets: keep updated all excel files for Spain and France. It is important to complete this twice per day.
  • Preparation and review of transport documents: delivery notes, Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by road, create documents for exportation and work with Customer Service in the approval of the customer. Once everything is in order, we need to work with freight forwarders to avoid any additional costs on delivery.
  • Coordinate the transport of the merchandise and its arrival at destination: coordinate importations from USA to our warehouse. For exportations, we need to coordinate shipment from our warehouse to the final destination.
  • SAP purchase orders: create purchase orders in SAP.
  • SAP stock management: once the material has arrived in our warehouse, we have to add it to SAP.


  • Professional training in Logistics
  • Experience min. 1 year
  • Knowledges of SAP
  • An advanced level in Excel
  • High level of English is essential

We offer an indefinite contract, salary range aroung 26.000€ per year + bonus, flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home 4 days per month.

If you have experience at logistics administration, can speak english and are you looking forward to join a top international company, this is your chance, ¡apply now!