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Selection by Eurofirms somos una compañía de selección especializada donde buscamos el encaje de candidatos/as y empresas procurando el bienestar de las personas.

Pertenecemos al Grupo Eurofirms, primera empresa nacional de gestión de personas.


1. Mission and key priorities of the role

Based in Bilbao and directly reporting to the local Accounting Supervisor, the Accounting & Reporting Specialist is needed to reinforce the accounting, analytical and reporting skills of the Finance team in Bilbao.

2. Your responsibilities include

• Daily bookkeeping and record keeping using accounting software and local ERP (Navision)

• Handling accounts payable for separate entities and vendors, ensuring the accuracy of accounting and financial data

• Comparing purchase orders, prices, terms of payment and other charges

• Ensuring bills and payroll are paid in a timely and accurate manner, respecting departmental procedures

• Perform cash flow analysis, working closely with the Treasury/Accounting/Credit Team

• Processing due invoices for payment and one-time payments as needed

• Analyzing and improving workflow processes

• Support in accounting records for month-end close, internal reporting, financial audits

• Be exposed/engaged in functional transformation initiatives, including processes optimization, definition of common policies and procedures, alignment with Group policies and guidelines

3. Qualifications and Capabilities

• Trained accountant, Bachelor’s Degree in accounting will be considered a plus

• At least 4 years of experience in accounting, transactional treasury and reporting

• Experience in structured companies will be considered a plus

• Proficient in Excel and experienced user of accounting and financial systems • Ability to work in team and deliver results under pressure

• Good communication and interpersonal skills • Languages: Spanish (fluent), English (good)

4. Why you can’t miss this opportunity

• It’s an excellent opportunity to grow in the function, with a full exposure to Finance processes in a dynamic multinational company environment