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Selection by Eurofirms is a specialized selection company where we look for the best fit between candidates and companies, seeking the welfare of people. We belong to the Eurofirms Group, the first national company in people management.


Eurofirms Selection


Job Purpose/Summary

The V&A Manager leads and supports the strategy and activities that are needed to demonstrate and communicate this information to the different HTA bodies (as well as different/other payers settings and stakeholders).

Main Functions

  • Budget and timeline alignment with team, finance and BD[1] for final deliverables.
  • Assists in developing client proposals including review of proposals and participate in client meeting.
  • Provides consultation and support to different team members on aspects of Value and Access.
  • Identifies new appropriate literature, data sources and tools for research to meet client needs.
  • Supports colleagues within Value and Access with their projects or any assistance that may be needed.
  • Proritizes and manages time effectively to meet needs of multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Interacts with clients to discuss appropriate research programs to meet clients’ objectives.
  • Develops positive working relationships with payers and HTA bodies.
  • Works in compliance with internal policies and legal requirements.


  • At least 5 years of experience in the field of Value and Access within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Bachelor degree in Health Sciences or a closely related discipline. Preferred: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Health, Health Economics or Health Policy
  • Strong knowledge of the local HTA systems in Europe and proficiency in pharma industry.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, written and oral.
  • Proficiency level in English